What’s new?

Version: 1009, Nov 2023 #
  • Connectors now do not require upvectors and constraint-tags anymore. Previously sometimes creating Ragdoll we received not updated structure. It required to manually update it via moving upvectors in the scene.
    Also if we wanted to fix the Connector’s location it required to disable constraint-tags by hand. Now we do not need it anymore.
  • Minor issues fixed
Version: 1008, Oct 2023 #
  • 2024 support
Version: 1007, May 2023 #
  • Now you can deactivate your device. It will allow you to use the plugin on few your devices. For example: you’ve finished your work in your office, you can deactivate your office PC and launch your Ragdoll plugin with the same license key on your laptop at home.
Version: 1006, May 2023 #
  • Minor issues fixed
Version: 1005, Apr 2023 #
  • RMB links to doc-page added\
  • Update system rebuilt
  • Minor issues fixed
Version: 1004, Mar 2023 #
  • Springs! Store the character poses. Simulate the character physic using these poses. Add the force to the muscles! Springs can be created in two modes: for joint bend and joint twist.
  • The Rope-mode Generator! New mode of the Ragdoll Advanced tool allows to create fully dynamic rope / chained-type. This rope interacts with all Rigid Body objects, Connectors, receives collisions from another scene objects, translates collisions to another objects. Even more improved than native C4D rope (new in R26 and 2023). It is possible to assign the Cut Shape of Rope and in the result – receive any type of the chained object. The tank track, etc.
  • Mesh cutter. Now not only cube colliders but also the sliced character’s mesh! Much better because works as the Convex Dynamic mode and Dynamic Mesh mode. To make sure the form correctness turn on the Collision Shapes visualization (in the Project Settings/Bullet/Visualization).
  • Slider mode in the Advanced tab. Connects two objects by a Slider connector and limits Connector distances by a distance between them. Good for mechanisms.
  • GeRay button now creates the mesh collider for the selected bone.
  • And few big and small improvements!
Version: 1003, Feb 2023 #
  • C4D ver:2023 support
Version: 1003, May 2022 #
  • R26 support
  • Mesh assign field. The possibility to assign the bunch of character meshes instead of a single-one added. Now the step when we need to make a single mesh proxy (connect and delete) is no longer needed at all.
  • A big improvement which simplifying workflow: now Ragdoll plugin can process provided rig and create ragdoll even when user did not assign the character mesh. It is faster. However to guarantee the correct processing user can still point the mesh for a plugin.
  • “Equip Selected” – the possibility to equip not only the chain till the last bone, but select the chain segment.
  • Colliders for wrists and hips: their sizes now are calculating better.
  • All colliders are colorized now for better understanding.
  • Fixed the known issue: now it is no needed to reset the mesh axis center to a zero for the position and rotation.
  • Fixed few other issues.
Version: 1002, April 2022 #