License key

At first startup the plugin will ask you for a license key. You have received the key after the purchase and get it on your email.

Copy your key from email and paste it in a License key dialog and hit ok. Restart Cinema 4D.

At this moment Ragdoll plugin saves your key on your computer. The location of license key: your plugin folder.

From this moment Ragdoll plugin will look in this file, read the key line and check it via the license server.

So you need an Internet connection at least once a day.

Number of machines

Depending of the number of machines you’ve purchase, Ragdoll plugin with the same key will work for only on this number of machines you will register the product.

Few devices

You have the possibility to unbind your device. You can do this via the “Deactivate” button in the “Info” section of your plugin. After this you are free to use the plugin with the same license key on another PC immediately.

Don’t forget to deactivate new device if you will decide to return on the previous machine.

If you deactivate your machine you are still able to work with your plugin on this machine. If you will start to use the plugin’s functions, your machine will become bind again.